Massage oil recipe for effective cellulite removal

Authors: Katjuša Reja Mozetič and Anja Suska

Massage oil effectively helps with cellulite removal. In combination with dry brushing it is a great weapon to fight this nuisance.

Together with Anja, we also prepared a video for preparing massage oil:

Recipe for massage oil for efficient elimination of cellulite

Massage oil you can easily prepare it yourself. It allows us to massage the affected parts and at the same time introduce active essential oils, which accelerate the elimination of toxins and circulation. For massage oil we need:
  • 50 ml of good massage oil. I prefer grape seed oil (you can also use jojoba or almond oil).
  • 20 drops of a mixture of essential oils against cellulite.
We put everything in a bottle so that we can have it for several times. Massage oil is applied to clean skin after exfoliation or dry brushing. How we massage is important for good results. It's even better if others massage us :). Massage is performed at least 5 times a week and should last at least 20 minutes. You can also massage certain areas while watching TV.


  • Apply the massage oil from the feet to the knees and up with movements that stimulate circulation.
  • Kneading the affected areas: for smaller areas, use two fingers, and for larger areas, use your whole hands.
  • Boxing: use your fists to punch the most affected areas, as if you wanted to break up fat mounds.
  • ˇS ˇmassage: with both hands, knead the affected areas in opposite directions, as if making the letter S.
  • Compression massage is performed on the hips and thighs: relax the muscles and use both hands to press and wrap the affected areas, as if pressing a wet towel.
  • Finish the massage with strong pressure in the same direction as at the beginning of the massage (toward the heart).

If you're interested, what kind anti-cellulite massage oil we have prepared at Nona Luisa, you can click on the link below:

We wish you successful victories over cellulite,
Katjuša and Anja 👋

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