Cosmetic product - friend or enemy of the skin?

Author: Kristina

Cosmetic products they are not intended only to improve our external appearance, but also influence to our health. The skin is an extremely complex system, which requires care and nurturing, so that it can function optimally. It's ours the largest and the outside world the most exposed organ. We can imagine it as the body's first line of defense against injuries and harmful substances from the environment, therefore it plays an important role in the body. It performs many vital functions:

  • A PROTECTIVE BARRIER AGAINST THE OUTSIDE WORLD – the skin is semipermeable membrane, which protects the body from water loss in prevents the penetration of substances from the environment (microorganisms, chemicals, etc.) into our body and protects it from harmful UV rays with the help of melanin. In addition, the skin acts as a kind of soft pillow, which mitigates damage to internal organs from mechanical force - shocks, falls, etc.
  • REGULATION OF BODY TEMPERATURE - humans are warm-blooded creatures with a constant body temperature that is independent of the ambient temperature. Skin with by sweating in blood circulation in leatherette regulates heat emission according to the circumstances and thus helps to maintaining a constant body temperature.
  • ORGAN ZA TYPE - the skin is one of the five senses that, when touched, transmits information about temperature, comfort, pain, etc. to the brain via nerve endings.
  • IMMUNOLOGY FUNCTION – cells of the immune system are located in the skin – Langerhans cells. The latter can be thought of as "hostesses" that catch allergenic substances (harmful foreign substances) and present them to T lymphocytes, which "trigger" the immune system to attack and destroy the allergens.
  • BIOCHEMICAL FUNCTION - the skin is also involved in many biochemical processes. One of the key processes is for sure Vitamin D synthesis, which is produced in our skin in the presence of sunlight.

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Cosmetic products have a great influence on the functions of the skin: you can weaken its operation or pa ji they help, to become more »fit«. In order to better understand how you can help your skin by using cosmetics, you must first understand its structure.

The skin of an adult covers an area of 1.5 to 2 m2 and represents what 16-17% of body weight. It consists of three layers:


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is the top layer of the skin, consisting of several layers. The top layer is called stratum corneum or stratum corneum and with its unique structure "bricks (keratinocyte cells) and mortar (lipids)" represents a physical barrier against external influences. In addition to keratinocytes, we also find melanocytes and Langerhans cells in the epidermis. Melanocytes produce melanin, which in addition to tanned skin also gives us protection against UV rays.

2. USNJICE (DERMIS), which lies beneath the epidermis and is largely composed of connective tissue – collagen in elastin. More about collagen, its role and operation can be read in the article Collagen. The dermis also contains a network of blood vessels - capillaries, nerve endings, sebaceous and sweat glands and hair follicles. The dermis gives the skin mechanical support, protects the deeper layers and helps with thermoregulation. The main cells of the dermis are fibroblasts.

3. SUBSKIN is the last and the thickest layer skin, which consists mainly of fats. It provides mechanical protection of the internal organs, plays the role of a heat insulator and represents a store of energy.

On the surface of the skin there is also a natural microflora that further protects. With cosmetic products the most we affect the epidermis and the microflora, as they are in direct contact with them. Application of foreign substances to the skin (e.g. paraffin) many times destroys skin microflora in s tem weakens its defense functions. We must realize that it is skin semi-permeable, which means yes certain molecules can penetrate through it all the way to the bloodstream, that's why it's a choice "pure" cosmetic products all the more important. It also affects the structure of the skin and consequently its protective function adequate moisture of the epidermis. He takes care of that natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which is located in the epidermis. It's made of molecular hygroscopic (urea, hyaluronic acid, etc.), which retain and bind water/moisture from the environment and retain it together with intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum and thus they provide moisture to the skin. Cosmetic products, which include ingridients, which are also naturally present in NMF, are so extremely effective for moisturizing the skin, because complement hers natural structure.

When is a cosmetic product a friend and when is it an enemy of the skin?

 To make it easier to understand, let's take a look at how the products containing them affect our skin mineral oils and how products based on natural fats.

☹ Constant application of paraffins/mineral oils (e.g. Vaseline) damages the skin in the long term. Why?

Mineral oils act as an occlusive – literally speaking they create a film that prevents water from evaporating. Short-term application such products leave a feeling on the skin extraordinary wetness, because prevent transepidermal water loss (passage of water from the skin to the air). With frequent use of paraffins the skin does not need to work any more to keep fit humidity and consequently "neglect" mechanisms, who take care of it. You could say yes the skin becomes lazy and dependent on the application of paraffins.

Discontinuation of the use of paraffins therefore many times it leads to dry skin, as the skin has a weakened mechanism to maintain moisture and a disturbed balance. Besides, it is more susceptible to infections in problems, which are caused by microorganisms, as mineral oils weaken the indigenous microflora, which is present on healthy skin and protects us from unwanted microorganisms.

🙂 Natural oils in Butters the skin moisturize, nourish and to her too let them breathe. They do not take over the tasks of the skin just like mineral oils, but only to her they give support and "nourish". They often contain ingredients that are already naturally present in the skin, so they do not disturb its natural processes, because the skin already knows them. V olive oil for example is a lot squalene. A case of a lipid that is a component of sebum, his production in the skin decreases over the years. By using products with olive oil, we stock the skin with squalene and thus support its function.

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At Nona Luisa, we are aware that it is good knowledge of the skin is key to the development of effective cosmetic products, which help preserve the integrity of the skin and, consequently, the balance in our body. I hope that this blog helps in understanding the importance of the skin for our health and that you will careful selection of cosmetic products and proper care help to keep it in the best shape. 💚

I wish you pleasant moments with natural cosmetic products,

Kristina 👋

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