5 reasons why scented waxes are becoming more and more popular

After a long day, it is probably important for you to take some time to relax in the evening. Did you know that smell plays an important role in relaxing the body? Think about how you feel when you enter a pleasantly scented space. I know for myself that I happily spend more time in it, and it also improves my well-being.

They are increasingly popular among room fragrances scented waxes. Lovers of natural fragrances and conscious individuals reach for scented waxes because they are easy to makeone made of all-natural ingredients, sustainable waxes and scented with pure essential oils. In this way, every room or home is scented with natural fragrances and without toxic chemicals. They have also become "in" because they are easy to use. They are also pocket-friendly, as the smell is "saved" after use and the wax can be used for a long time.

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1. The smell of a room affects our well-being

Think about how you feel when you enter a room that smells unpleasant to you? (Think of the smell when you are standing near a trash can or in a room that is heavily scented with synthetic fragrances...) I would say without hesitation that you quickly leave such a place. But when you step into a room that has a very pleasant smell, your feeling will be more joyful and you will happily spend more time there, isn't it true? Even if your well-being in a room is affected by several factors, such as the arrangement of the room, cleanliness, light, density, it should be emphasized that one of the most important factors that affects your well-being is precisely smell.

Research says that smell affects as much as 5% of our daily experience of emotions and that a pleasant smell can improve our well-being by as much as 40%. The space that plays an important role in our lives is our home. It should be a place where we feel safe and comfortable, where we can calm down and disconnect, create memories and spend pleasant moments. You can conjure such feelings in your home with scented waxes that are scented with pure essential oils.

2. Essential oils in scented waxes

Surely you have already heard of aromatherapy, where with the help of essential oils we influence our psychophysical well-being? You can also use our scented waxes for this purpose, as they are scented only with essential oils, which are slowly released into the room on low heat.

Otherwise, you can also use a vaporizer with water into which you drop essential oil for aromatherapy, but scented waxes are much more practical. You dissolve the wax and leave it to scent the room for as long as you like. On the other hand, a vaporizer with water into which you have dripped essential oils, you usually let all the liquid evaporate completely. If you're even a little careless and let it burn without liquid, the vaporizer can pop. This problem does not exist with scented waxes.  

The most natural fragrances are essential oils and the right scented waxes allow us to easily scent our home with them. The waxes melt at low temperatures and thus the essential oils are slowly released into the room without being chemically damaged. Pure essential oils are not suitable in scented candles, as the candle burns at a high temperature during the wick, which decomposes and chemically changes the essential oil. Essential oils are obtained from plants by steam distillation, which takes place at 100 °C, so they degrade at higher temperatures and no longer have the same smell and effectiveness. Scented waxes do not reach such high temperatures when heated, so they are an excellent accessory for a naturally scented home with pure essential oils.

Eterično olje sivke

Our scented waxes are scented with real lavender essential oil, Angustifolia washer, which we obtain on our farm in Brdy. This essential oil is the most versatile and very popular for scenting a room. The scent of lavender is relaxing and relieves headaches and feelings of stress, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day. Lavender wax is very popular during meditation and yoga.

3. Self-care routine with scented waxes

Dišeči voski in self-care

Life itself is varied and complicated, so more and more people choose to take care of themselves in uncomplicated ways. The easiest way to do this is in the comfort of your own home.

One of the simple, small things you can do is to scent the room right with the help of natural scented waxes. Just watching the wax melt over the small flame of the tea light is relaxing. A pleasant scent can accompany you while reading your favorite book, watching a fun movie or taking a relaxing bath. It is also a great accompaniment to your favorite morning or evening routine, as well as to yoga and meditation. Maybe you already know candlelight meditation? Otherwise, this method is most likely not suitable for everyone, but it helps to improve cognitive functions and focus, improve mental health and eliminate insomnia.

With the authentic natural scent, you will be overwhelmed by feelings of warmth and peace. And that's usually just what we all need after a long and stressful day, right?

4. Ease of use

Scented waxes are really easy to use. You simply place the wax in the vaporizer to dissolve and release its essence. When you use it, you let it harden again in the vaporizer and wait there until the next time. In this way, you can use it several times and only remove it from the vaporizer when it has completely lost its smell.

When the wax no longer emits an odor, cleaning is not any easier. Our waxes are made from coconut and canola wax (canola wax), which means they are soft. You can therefore easily remove the cooled wax from the vaporizer.

Our scented waxes contain as much as 10% essential oil, so they smell even when they are not in the vaporizer. They are also very suitable for scenting clothes or towels. For this purpose, you can gently wrap the wax with paper and place it in any cupboard or drawer so that the scent spreads through the textile. Since it contains essential oils, we advise against putting it directly on clothes.

5. Environmentally friendly natural ingredients

Dišeči voski Nona Luisa

Scented waxes have been very popular in the world of natural home fragrances for some time, also because they can be made from completely natural ingredients, without paraffin and artificial fragrances. The basis of scented waxes can be any wax or paraffin, which we know is obtained from petroleum. When developing our scented wax, we thoroughly studied the impact of all waxes on the environment and wanted our choice to be as sustainable as possible. That's why we decided on canola wax (canola wax) and coconut wax. They are obtained in Europe. They are natural ingredients that do not release toxic gases when burned, such as paraffin. At the same time, they preserve the scent of pure essential oils well and allow it to develop beautifully when burning.

In addition, sustainability and, with it, concern for social responsibility are embedded in our fragrances, both in the ingredients and in the choice of packaging. The packaging in which the waxes are packed is environmentally friendly, plastic-free and therefore fully recyclable or reusable. And of course, in addition to product quality, the visual appearance is also important to us. That's why we also added flowers to the waxes, colored them differently with natural mica color and placed each one individually in a paper basket.

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At Nona Luisa, we have also put together some gift sets with waxes, where you get everything you need to use scented waxes right away. Choose your favorite set, which has both scented waxes and natural tea candles, which we also make ourselves, and a vaporizer so that you can conjure feelings of peace, warmth and security at home.

Darilni set z dišečimi voski - dom Nona Luisa

 Gift set with scented wax - Dom

Darilni set z dišečimi voski - Sovica

 Gift set with scented wax - Owl


We promise that there will also be new scents of scented waxes. Which one do you want the most?

Write it in the comments below and I will be happy to answer you 😊

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