Lavender essential oil - Lavandula angustifolia in violetglass

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Pure lavender essential oil is a verastile natural essence with various positive effects on the skin and on your mood.

The pure lavender - Lavandula angustifolia - essential oil reigns among all essential oils especially because of its versatile use. In 1910, its effects were discovered by a French scientist, who burnt himself badly during an experiment in his lab and in panic, he put his arm in the first liquid he could find - lavender essential oil.

It's an indispensible natural product for every household, as it can be used for various purposes:

  • aromatherapy

  • skincare after insect bites

  • to cope with insomnia, anxiety and headaches

  • use it as a mask for hair and scalp

  • fragrancing a room, a car or closet

  • and more (see Use)

To obtain an essential oil of the highest quality, we harvest our wild-growing pure lavender of the species Lavandula angustifolia by hand in the morning hours ona sunny way, when the lavender is richest with its nurturing ingredients. We carefully separate the flowers from the stems and on the same day, we distill them using our traditional method.

One kilogram of pure lavender flowers is obtained from seven grown-up plants. This is then transformed into 10 ml of pure Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil.

The natural essence is stored in bottles made from violet glass - biophotonic glass Miron, which keep the lavender flower's bioenergy and prevent the degradation of the product caused by visible light. This way, the product maintains its quality and we can use it for a longer period of time.

Miron vijolično steklo I Nona Luisa

The violetglass bottle has a dropper cap for easy use. In the provided instructions of use, you can check out many other ways of use of the oil.

Eterično olje sivke I Nona Luisa

Content: 10 ml

Our promise Nona Luisa

Our promise


Sivkina polja Nona Luisa

Habitat: Brda, Slovenija


Lavandula Angustifolia oil, *Linalool, *Coumarin, *Limonene. *Naturally occurring in essential oil.


You can use the oil in many ways. These are the most common ways of use of the lavender essential oil: 

Eterično olje sivke I Nona Luisa

Even though this lavender sort (Lavandula angustifolia) gives little essential oil, it is the most commonly used oil in aromatherapy because if its structure.

Eterično olje sivke I Nona Luisa

You can use it to clean your skin (especially acne-prone skin)

Eterično olje sivke I Nona Luisa

Helps to promote wellbeing, cope with headaches, and insomnia. If you want to cope with insomnia, drip a few drops of oil on your pillow. 

Eterično olje sivke I Nona Luisa

It's also a marvelous addition to cosmetic products such as homemade massage oil. Drip 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil into 10 ml of a carrier oil for massage. You can only add as much as 2% of essential oil into cosmetic products.

Prepare a mask for hair and scalp -  add a few drops of oil into 10 ml of a carrier oil to massage your scalp or prepare a hair mask.


Suitable also for relaxing baths to relieve headaches and help in coping with anxiety. Drip a few drops of oil into the water.

You can use it to scent a room, your car etc. Add only a few drops of oil in a diffuser or in a sprayer, with water, shake it well and spray it.


  • Instructions for use are included.

  • Despite the fact that the product is natural, people with particularly sensitive skin should first try the product on an area of skin that is not exposed.
  • The product must be diluted before use.

  • Keep at room temperature, protected from light and out of reach of children.

  • For external use only.

  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


  • Embalažo je mogoče v celoti reciklirati.
  • All ingredients are obtained ina socially responsible and sustainable way. They are biodegradable and do not accumulate in water organisms.


Why use Nona Luisa® products?

Sustainable ingredients. Traditional recipes. The latest scientific findings.

We believe that everyone can show their beauty with the help of nature's precious power, and without using harmful chemicals that present a risk for our health and pollute our Mother Earth.

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I am very satisfied with the ordered products, it breathes great, it is natural, ... to my taste. 😉😊


Excellent natural products and a friendly attitude. I am very happy with the hard hair soaps, I also like the ointment with lavender which smells divine. I recommend 👌


Thank you very much for everything sent, the package is already special, wonderful, but when you open it, it smells of lavender, marigold. And you also get gifts, really from the bottom of my heart thank you very much for everything, I will be happy to use. Your products are special, wonderful, made with love, for pure 10tko, congratulations! When it is possible or. I will need to order from you for sure.


I received your products, lavender butter and lip balm. I report that the products are phenomenal. Lavender butter takes the body to complete pampering. The butter is soft and glides on the skin, and the feeling of lavender freshness, tenderness and scent lasts for hours and hours ... as if resting on clouds. The lip balm is equally unique, without a strong and disturbing scent, soft and pleasant feeling that calls for a kiss :) I warmly recommend it to all who are looking for only the best natural products with energy of heart and soul and a beautiful mission!