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To effectively fight cellulite, to eliminate stretch marks and shape the body

“When I was developing the recipe for this anti-cellulite massage oil, I knew from the start that it would contain ivy extract and that I would mix a selected mixture of essential oils into it. While searching and studying natural ingredients with anti-cellulite action, I discovered an awesome brown algae extract. And so this miraculous mixture of plant extracts, oils and essences was created, which I named CUVÉE. This is a term that is used mainly in winemaking when it comes to a mixture of several different varieties of wine. "

- creator Katjuša Reja

What helps the most to maintain a firm appearance of the skin - prevention or cure?

Both, because you help your body with a massage if the cellulite is already visible or even if it's not visible yet. In addition to massages, exercising and a healthy diet are also important factors, but the anti-cellulite massages of the affected parts with a quality and effective massage oil plays a crucial role in maintaining the skin firm and elastic.

Masažno olje proti celulitu I Nona Luisa

The Celulite Cuvée massage oil contains a selected mixture of essential oils, vegetable oils and extracts (brown algae and ivy), which help getting rid of the orange peel skin look as well as in preventing the formation of stretch marks. What's more, it helps to accelerate the functioning of the lymph. The product is vegan.

Proticelulitno masažno olje I Nona Luisa

Massage stimulates the tissue to begin to form more collagen fibers, which give elasticity and firmer appearance to the skin. At the same time, it accelerates lymph function.

Čvrsta in elastična koža

You'll love it if you:

  • want to get rid of orange peel skin look

  • want to stop stretch marks

  • want to increase collagen fibers and elasticity of your skin

  • want firm and vital skin

  • want to support the lymph function.

Cellulite Cuvée contains grape seed oil, so it is especially suitable for using it at home, as this oil glides very nicely and absorbs quickly.

Masažni valj proti celulitu I Nona Luisa

The anti-cellulite massage will be even more effective if you help yourself with the wooden massage roller, which is a local product.

Proticelulitna masaža I Nona Luisa

In both,  prevention and cure, two things are important: regular massages and routine. This means that the results are most visible when the massage is performed regularly, everyday. It's important that the oil is well massaged into the skin. In some cases, the results are visible after a month. A massage display is available under the tab Use.

Our promise

Proticelulitno masažno olje I Nona Luisa

Content: 125 ml*

*You can get it with the dosing pump for easy application.

The images of the products are symbolic, as we make each one by hand according to a unique recipe developed by us, in small, always fresh batches. In doing so, we strive to be as sustainable and socially responsible as possible.

Get rid of cellulite now!


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Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera seed oil) is rich in phenols, omega-6 lipid acids and vitamins. Oil is a by-product of wine production. It is obtained by various types of extraction, and the highest quality of it is cold pressed, which is also the main component of this massage oil. The high content of vitamin E gives the oil a strong antioxidant potential. The oil also contains phytosterols, which have anti-inflammatory effects, and reseravtrol, which gives the oil antimicrobial properties. Research has shown that it improves the hydration and elasticity of the skin and nourishes it.

Hedera Helix extract - What It Is and How It's Made | Puracy


Ivy extract in olive oil (ivy helix extract) has "anti-cellulite" properties as they have a high content of saponins and flavonoids. Saponins are natural surfactants that help solubilize lipid stores in adipocytes (lipid cells) and enable better circulation of the lymphatic system. The latter plays an important role in removing toxins from the body. We can imagine it as one of the detox systems of our body. Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory action and beneficial effects on inflammation. In addition, ivy extract is in olive oil, which contains polyphenols and squalene. These stimulate collagen synthesis and have an antioxidant effect, thus firming the skin and reducing inflammation.

21,920 Brown Algae Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Brown algae

Brown algae extract (Himanthalia Elongata Extract) is an extract from the edible Himanthalia Elongata algae, also known as seaweed, with high fiber content. In addition, it contains many vitamins A, C and E, as well as essential amino acids and other natural minerals. It is used in cosmetics mainly due to its caring effects, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, as it is composed of many florotanins in the form of polyphenols (eg. caffeic acid). It protects the skin from radicals and maintains its elasticity. It also stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin.

Grapefruit essential oil 

Grapefruit essential oil (Citrus paradisi) has been shown to reduce adipogenesis (lipid tissue production), stimulate circulation and strengthen the epidermis. In addition, it also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory (contains limonene) and antioxidant properties.

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Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil (Citrus limonum), like grapefruit oil, is rich in antioxidants and stimulates the circulation of the lymphatic system. Lemon also hydrates the skin extremely well.

Brinove jagode – Zakladi doline Mirne

Juniper berry essential oil

Juniper berry essential oil (Juniperus communis) acts as an antiseptic and diuretic. It helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin (scars, acne, cellulite), as it contains active compounds such as alpha-pinene, sabinene and juniper, and soothes irritated skin.

Rožmarin - zdravilna začimba z vonjem za spomin -

Rosemary essential oil

The essential oil of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is known in cosmetics mainly for its successful elimination of hair loss. However, studies have shown that it is also excellent in the fight against cellulite. Namely, rosemary reduces the accumulation of lipids in the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates microcirculation, thus inhibiting the formation of cellulite. 


Eterično olje sladkega komarčka I Nona Luisa

Sweet fennel essential oil

Essential oils of sweet fennel (Foeniculum vulgare oil) and black pepper (Piper nigrum) are potent antioxidants and protect the skin from radicals. Fennel also has a positive effect on the balance of hormones, while black pepper has an anti-inflammatory effect on inflamed adpiocyte (lipid) tissue and thus has the effect of reducing subcutaneous fat.

INCI names:

Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, European Olive Fruit Oil, Citrus Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Hedera Helix Ekstrakt, Himanthalia Elongata Ekstrakt, Citrus Paradise Peel Oil, Citrus Slime Peel Oil, Piper Nigra Fruit Oil, Rosemary Officinalis Oil, Foeniculum Vulgare Oil, Junipurus Officinalis Oil, Junipurus Officinalis Common Fruit Oil, *Limonene, *Linalool, *Geraniol, *Citral. *Naturally occurring in essential oils.


  • The massage oil is packaged in an aluminum bottle with an aluminum lid (plastic free) or with a dosing pump, which allows easy and clean application. To minimize the use of plastic, the dosing pump can be reused.

  • The packaging is fully recyclable.

  • All ingredients are biodegradable and do not accumulate in the environment or aquatic organisms.



  • Despite the fact that all products are natural, people with particularly sensitive skin (eg. essential oils) should first try the product on an area of skin that is not exposed.

  • The product contains a large proportion of active essential oils and plant extracts, therefore, its use during pregnancy is not recommended.

  • The use of oil on the skin that will be exposed to the sun's rays is also not advised because some of the active ingredients in citrus essential oils react with UV rays.


Massage the oil into your skin every day. Make sure you do it every day, that's important if you want results. For some, the results are visible after just one month of use.

Proticelulitna masaža I Nona Luisa

  • With movements that stimulate circulation, apply the massage oil starting at the feet, continuing towards the knees and upwards.

  • Kneading the affected areas: Use two fingers for smaler areas and your whole hands for larger areas.

  • Boxing: Use your fists to box the most affected places, as if to break down fat mounds.

  • ˇSˇ massage: knead the affected areas in the opposite direction with both hands as if doing the letter S.

  • Perform a squeezing massage on the hips and thighs: Relax the muscles and then. with both hands, press and wrap in the affected areas, as if you were squeezing a wet towel.

  • Finish the massage with strong pressures in the direction as described at the beginning of the massage (towards the heart).

The massage is even more effective if you use a wooden massage roller

Why use Nona Luisa® products?

Sustainable ingredients. Traditional recipes. The latest scientific findings.

We believe that everyone can show their beauty with the help of nature's precious power, and without using harmful chemicals that present a risk for our health and pollute our Mother Earth.

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I am very satisfied with the ordered products, it breathes great, it is natural, ... to my taste. 😉😊


Excellent natural products and a friendly attitude. I am very happy with the hard hair soaps, I also like the ointment with lavender which smells divine. I recommend 👌


Thank you very much for everything sent, the package is already special, wonderful, but when you open it, it smells of lavender, marigold. And you also get gifts, really from the bottom of my heart thank you very much for everything, I will be happy to use. Your products are special, wonderful, made with love, for pure 10tko, congratulations! When it is possible or. I will need to order from you for sure.


I received your products, lavender butter and lip balm. I report that the products are phenomenal. Lavender butter takes the body to complete pampering. The butter is soft and glides on the skin, and the feeling of lavender freshness, tenderness and scent lasts for hours and hours ... as if resting on clouds. The lip balm is equally unique, without a strong and disturbing scent, soft and pleasant feeling that calls for a kiss :) I warmly recommend it to all who are looking for only the best natural products with energy of heart and soul and a beautiful mission!