How to make a lavender wreath?

Author: Katjuša Reja Mozetič

During the time when the lavender blooms, various decorative products can be made from its flowers. I will share step-by-step instructions on how to make a lavender wreath. As an interesting fact, I would like to mention that making wreaths is an old tradition in Goriška brde. We call it krancelj after Briška. Otherwise, in the past, lavender wreaths were not typical for our regions, but wreaths made of white hollyhocks.

The Brics were quite superstitious and believed that the rattle on the front door protected the house and its inhabitants from danger. However, if a red carnation or rose was added to the white hollyhocks, it meant that there was a woman in the house who was worthy of marriage.

How to make a lavender wreath

We need:

  • stems with lavender flowers (20% to 50% open),
  • framework for the wreath (we can make it ourselves from wire or buy it),
  • wire or string for binders to the ring,
  • scissors,
  • decorative tape for decoration.


1. First, prepare small lavender bouquets.

2. Tie them to the ring, one by one, until the ring is covered.

3. Finally, the lavender wreath can be decorated with a decorative ribbon.

If desired, other herbs can also be incorporated into the lavender wreath. I am giving some lovely examples below.


I wish you pleasant creative moments,

Katyusha 👋


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