How successfully over cellulite?

Authors: Katjuša Reja Mozetič and Anja Suska

If you're reading this blog with interest, you're definitely not one of the lucky few who remain completely indifferent when hearing the word cellulite. Unfortunately, as many as 90% of women over the age of 20 face this ugly affliction; big, small, skinny, stronger, athletes, models... Yep, being skinny doesn't mean you don't have cellulite, and many active athletes also struggle with cellulite.

Since this is still an actual problem for us women and summer is just around the corner, this article is full of essential information, practical tips and ideas that will (hopefully) help you to eliminate the causes of cellulite and tackle it successfully. Here, the article about proper nutrition and exercise was written by Anja Suska, instructor, vlogger, nutritional consultant, graduated sociologist, who successfully helps women lay the proper foundations for a healthy lifestyle.

Surely you too have ever fallen for the promises of miracle creams that reduce cellulite in two weeks or even spent a fortune in beauty salons? The orange skin still persists 🙁 . Do not give up! You can reduce or even overcome cellulite, but you have to realize that it doesn't happen so quickly and that a successful fight requires persistence and discipline. All these miracle creams and treatments in beauty salons can help you reach your goal sooner, but the most you have to do yourself. How? Therefore, first of all, you need to know your enemy well.

What is cellulite anyway?

Cellulite is a change in the structure of the subcutaneous tissue, which outwardly appears like a wrinkled orange peel.

Our skin consists of several layers:
  • on top is the epidermis,
  • under it is the dermis (skin),
  • nato subdermis (under the skin) – this is where cellulite forms
  • and at the very bottom is the muscle.

Cellulite forms in the subcutaneous tissue, which consists of fat cells connected to connective tissue (collagen fibers). In women, the connective tissue fibers are perpendicular to the surface of the skin, which allows us to stretch more during pregnancy, but also structural changes, which are visible externally as wrinkled, pitted skin or cellulite. In men, the connective tissues are diagonal and therefore orange skin is very rarely present in them.

Cellulite most often affects the thighs, buttocks, knees, arms, abdomen and face. There are several stages of cellulite, from the initial stage, where structural changes in the subcutaneous tissue are not visible to the naked eye, to severely wrinkled skin with induration that is painful to the touch. They classify it as an aesthetic problem rather than a medical condition. However, once the structure of the subcutaneous tissue is destroyed, fluid and poisons begin to accumulate between the cells, circulation deteriorates... therefore, cellulite can be the cause of various problems and diseases. Above all, this is an alarm that it would be good to change our lifestyle.

Why does cellulite occur?

Cellulite is caused by fluid retention that hinders the normal supply of cells with the necessary nutrients and the removal of waste materials from the subcutaneous tissue, which is caused by the long-term intertwining action of many indirect primary and secondary causes.

1. Primary causes of cellulite

Heredity, hormonal changes in the female body (puberty, pregnancy, menstruation), some diseases. We cannot influence these causes and they affect the physiological state of the skin, the extent and distribution of connective and fatty tissue.

2. Secondary causes of cellulite

They are related to the lifestyle and are mainly accelerating factors, such as excess body weight, stress, inadequate diet, physical inactivity, a lot of sitting, tight shoes and clothes, hormone pills, inadequate hydration of the body, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption, inappropriate cosmetics, …

     Make a list of the causes of cellulite

    Since there are usually several reasons for the formation of cellulite, a successful fight against it requires a holistic approach. Try to analyze your lifestyle and find out which of the listed causes accelerated the formation of cellulite in you. Write them down, so you can more systematically and consciously eliminate them, or at least reduce them.

    How successfully over cellulite?

    If you've read all this far, you're your rival - cellulite  already got to know it more closely and you already have a list of habits that you need to change in order to successfully get rid of it. To be persistent enough, it is good to realize that the older and higher the level of cellulite, the more stubborn it is. That's why it's best to fight him as soon as possible. 

    1. Nutrition

    We could dwell on this topic for 7 days and 7 nights, and we would not be able to get to the end. But because I like a simple life and practical, useful approaches, together we will review only the key points that are not only important for eliminating cellulite, but are essential for a healthy everyday life and our well-being.

    The first point is that, yes shake off all the stress caused by food. Obsessive weighing, counting calories, macronutrients and feeling guilty after a meal will keep us spinning in a vicious cycle of diets and negative results. It's simple: we have to eat healthy every day (of course we'll treat ourselves to a scoop of ice cream on Sunday and a glass of wine on Friday 🙂). We need to realize that healthy food can be tasty and simple. We just have to stick to a few principles.

    Eating should not be stressful, as stress accelerates the formation of cellulite.

    Initially, we will remove simple sugars, processed products and trans fats from the menu. Homemade: sweets and foods with a high sugar content (juices, excessive amounts of fruit, jams, certain yogurts, cereals, ...), white flour, bakery products, ... We will remove all processed foods from the refrigerator (hot dogs, pate, salami, frozen ready meals , fast food.) and of course fried food. We will pay attention to salt and salty products only at the last.

    The most difficult task is behind us. So how should we eat?

    Each meal should consist of all three macronutrients: carbohydrates and a quality source of protein and healthy fats. In doing so, we choose complex carbohydrates - whole grains and whole grain products. A quality source of protein is meat, dairy products, fish or soy products and legumes,... Proteins are extremely important at this point, as they contribute to the formation collagen and cellular renewal. Then there are healthy fats found in nuts and seeds, olive oil, fish, avocados, etc. The lack of these can also be seen in our skin, hair, etc. We were often taught that fats are to blame for overweight! However, these days, healthy eating guidelines blame it on sugar.

    Fruits and vegetables. We prefer to choose less sweet fruit (berries, blueberries, raspberries,...). These contain antioxidants, which fight free radicals and toxic metabolites. We choose fruits and vegetables with a lot of vitamin C, which helps in the formation collagen. Make your menu really rich in vegetables! If we talk about cellulite choose vegetables that prevent water retention (asparagus, cucumber, celery,...).

     Finally, the most important: drink at least 1.5 l - 2 l of water daily. Not all at once, slowly, throughout the day, in glasses. If water is too boring for your ass, make yourself some tea (and of course, don't sweeten it). I myself prefer to drink fennel tea or mint. No sugary drinks, diet cokes, sodas or alcohol.

    Remind yourself to drink 2 dcl of liquid every hour.

    And to top it all off. If possible, let's cook at home. It is true that cooking takes some time, but quite a few things can be prepared in advance. With home cooking, we have control over the ingredients we use, plus, we can prepare the dish according to our taste. Do not forget to use spices and herbs when cooking. This will add a rich flavor to even a simple dish like chicken. Turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper reduce the need to salt food, and at the same time act as antioxidants, neutralize free radicals and improve subcutaneous microcirculation. 

    2. Exercise

    Of course, movement is also crucial for our health and good looks. What exercise should I choose so that only this one is effective in reducing cellulite? Whatever 🙂. Just to move! Anything is better than sitting on the couch. Nevertheless I recommend a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

    We know the first one aerobic activities such as running, cycling, dancing, ... During such exercises, the body receives enough oxygen to generate energy, the heart beats faster, the blood pressure also increases, as a result of which oxygen comes and goes from the muscles faster. In this way, oxygen is supplied to the muscles, and waste substances (carbon dioxide, lactic acid) are removed from them.


    Another category of exercise is anaerobic, where energy is restored without the presence of oxygen. Such exercise is e.g. strength training. As the body ages, it begins to lose muscle mass, and with it the metabolism also slows down, and strength training is therefore crucial in shaping the body and maintaining muscle mass.

    A combination of these two forms of exercise will bring us the best results. You can start by going for a run with an intermediate walk and then do a few more bodyweight exercises at home. However, be careful not to do only local exercises for the legs and buttocks. Include the whole body in your exercise, as this is the only way to prevent injuries and body proportionality.

    3. Effective care of orange skin at home

    There are quite a few simple methods and ways to reduce orange peel that you can do yourself at home. Persistence and discipline are important for a successful fight against cellulite.

    All care to reduce cellulite is aimed at the following goals:

    • increase circulation and oxidation of the skin
    • strengthen connective tissue - collagen fibers
    • reduce fluid retention in the subcutaneous tissue
    • remove toxins from the body.
    Determine your critical points with the help of a mirror.

    Cellulite usually only appears on certain areas of the body. Stand naked in front of a lighted mirror and observe where your critical points are. To detect cellulite at an early stage, it is necessary to squeeze the skin together a little so that the orange peel appears. When it comes to anti-cellulite care, you pay the most attention to these critical points of yours.

    4. Choose appropriate cosmetics, clothes, shoes

    Unfortunately, many people do not realize that the use of inappropriate cosmetics also accelerates the formation of cellulite. Avoid cosmetics that contain:

    • parabene - ker mimikrirajo hormone,
    • petroleum derivatives - because they accumulate in the body,
    • aluminum salts in deodorants - because they prevent sweating and detoxification of the body,
    • artificial fragrances, especially for perfuming the home, as many poisons are also introduced into the body through the respiratory system,
    • washing powders and especially fabric softeners also end up in our bodies to a large extent.

    Tight clothes (including underwear for body shaping) and shoes prevent the normal flow of fluids through the body and thus accelerate the formation of cellulite. Also, keep your legs crossed only in public. 😉


    We often equate obesity with cellulite, but they are different phenomena, although they mostly appear together due to a wrong lifestyle. Obesity is the accumulation of fat, and cellulite is a structural change in the subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, losing weight alone will not eliminate cellulite. It is true, however, that a lot of subcutaneous fat increases the appearance of orange skin, so in the case of cellulite and fat, it is necessary to eliminate both.

    Here you can discover different recipes of Nona Luisa for eliminating cellulite, which will help you in the care of orange skin at home:

    1. Instructions for dry brushing to eliminate cellulite

    2. A recipe for coffee scrubs and wraps for a successful fight against cellulite

    3. Massage oil recipe for effective cellulite removal

    ACTION !!!!

    So, now we have given you enough material and information on how to successfully eliminate cellulite. Complete the list with the causes of cellulite and write what you will change for each cause. Make weekly plans for exercise, nutrition and include anti-cellulite care in your daily routine. If you start today and stick to your plans with discipline, the first results will definitely be visible in a month. Then by July and August, when most of us go to the sea, the skin will be even more beautiful and even smoother.

    Some very effective anti-cellulite products, which we have prepared for you at Noni Luisi you can order right here 🙂:

    We wish you successful victories over cellulite,

    Katjuša and Anja 👋

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