Large Lavender Sachet

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  • Help overcome stress

  • Fresh and floral room fragrance

  • Keep the moths away

Scented lavender cotton sachet, filled with dried lavender flowers and decorated with ribbon and a tag. Surprise element: The color of the sachet is picked by us.

Lavender sachets are multipurpose. It is most common to use them for keeping the moths away from our clothes. It can also be used as potpourri - a fragrance for the room. Some have a sachet in their purse for relaxation and as a help to overcome stress. If you put a lavender sachet next to the pillow, it improves sleep. Lavender sachets are also very effective as pads for tired eyes, as they release tension and reduce dark circles. Due to the mixture of floral and fresh fragrances, they are extremely relaxing and help relieve headaches.

Dimensions: 12 × 14 × 5 cm

Weight: 30 g


  • You can reuse the sachet for different purposes.

  • All ingredients are biodegradable and do not accumulate in water organisms.


When the sachet doesn't smell anymore, smoosh it so that it starts smelling again. That's because the essential oil is hidden in the flowers.

Why choose us?

Locally sourced ingredients. Traditional recipes. Modern scientific discoveries.

We believe that anyone can enhance natural beauty with the help of nature's priceless power, without using toxic chemicals that are damaging to health and pollute our Mother Earth.

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I'm very satisfied with the ordered products, the smell is amazing, it's natural...just as I like it. 😉😊


Top quality natural products and super friendly staff. I'm very happy with soap bars for hair, I also love the salve with lavender - the smell is amazing. I recommend 👌