Beautiful Body Gift Set

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For a cellulite-free young-looking skin

This set contains everything to make skin look younger and to effectively remove cellulite on the body. The products can be combined in such a way, that you first use the scrubby cream, which activates the detoxifying processes and makes skin soft in an all-natural way. After showering, use the massage oil for an anti-cellulite massage routine.

The Beautiful Body Gift Set includes:

Detox Sugar Cane Body Scrub natural scrubby cream (250 ml), which contains 3 products in 1: it exfoliates the skin, detoxifies the body, and leaves a creamy emulsion at the end that makes the skin seem puffy. Vegan.

Cellulite Cuvée massage oil (125 ml) with hedera and ocean lace for smoother, firmer skin. Effective against cellulite. Vegan.

1 Metal tin box with a lid that you can repurpose or recycle. All products lay on wooden straw. A raffia ribbon with a tag is added. You can add your personal touch to the blank space on the tag.

*All images are symbolic as each product is uniquely made in small, always fresh batches.


Our promise


  • The packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable.
  • All ingredients are biodegradable and do not accumulate in the environment or in aquatic bodies.


  • If you have very sensitive skin, make sure you try a product on a part of the skin that is not exposed. Even though these are 100% natural products, they contain essential oils.

  • The massage oil contains a large amount of active essential oils and herbal extracts, that's why its use is not advised during pregnancy.

  • It's also not advised to use the oil on skin that will be exposed to natural sunlight, because some of the active ingredients in the essential oils react with UV rays.

Why choose us?

Locally sourced ingredients. Traditional recipes. Modern scientific discoveries.

We believe that anyone can enhance natural beauty with the help of nature's priceless power, without using toxic chemicals that are damaging to health and pollute our Mother Earth.

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I'm very satisfied with the ordered products, the smell is amazing, it's natural...just as I like it. 😉😊


Top quality natural products and super friendly staff. I'm very happy with soap bars for hair, I also love the salve with lavender - the smell is amazing. I recommend 👌