Enter the world of sustainable cosmetics

Sustainability lives through all the elements of the story of Nona Luisa®, from choosing the ingredients to the final packaging. Since 2013.

When you use Nona Luisa®'s products you take the decision to nurture your body in a natural way and at the same time you make sure you don't burden the environment in excess.

Our philosophy

Sustainable ingredients

We only use ingredients from a short supply chain. That's why we produce a large quantity of ingredients by ourselves or we provide them locally. All ingredients are from ethical trade and fair trade. They are also minimally processed. The products don't have refined fats, palm oil or animal fats.

Traditional recipes

We respect local traditions of making natural cosmetics. The soaps are made by the traditional cold process technique. They are certified with the Art & crafts Slovenia certificate. The cosmetic products also contain macerates that are made with the traditional herbal extraction techniques.

Modern scientific discoveries

The products are made by respecting modern scientific discoveries from the fields of cosmetology, toxicology and ecology. We upgrade the traditional recipes with sustainable ingredients that have proven effects with scientific research.

Face behind the brand and the idea of making sustainable cosmetics

Hi, I'm Katjuša,

Our promise

Why are the Nona Luisa® cosmetics sustainable?

We use safe ingredients

While finishing my PhD in toxicology, I had the chance to meet from up close all ingredients that surround us every day. When analysing cosmetic products on the market, I discovered that many products contain unsustainable ingredients that could be harmful for health. Besides, on the long run, they impoverish our skin and they are the cause of many skin problems.

That's why my products don't include mineral oils, artificial fragrances, parabens, aluminium, sulfates and other ingredients that could be harmful to our health and skin.

We work in harmony with nature

As an ecologist, I am concerned with the many negative effects of the commercial cosmetics on the environment. The main ingredients are made with non-renewable sources, the products travel a long way, they are made with energetically wasteful technological processes, they are not biodegradable and they are not sustainably packaged.

My crafts contain elements that respect sustainability and they take care of the environment. All products have minimal carbon footprint. They are concentrates, without unnecessary fillers, they don't need much packaging, they are more nurturing and long-lasting.

We create socially responsible products

Unfortunately, large cosmetic corporations too often base their economy on exploiting non-renewable sources, people and the whole society.

When it comes to choosing ingredients, I always consider the social aspect. I check their origin and make sure that they come from fair trade and are ethically irreproachable. I don't use palm oil. I acquire, create and sell products as locally as possible. This way, I can contribute the most to my local community and at the same time provide fresh high quality products products. In my business I only work with socially responsible and family friendly companies.

Facts about the products

We've been making sustainable cosmetics since 2013

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Store in Šmartno since 2013

Sustainability in our Nona Luisa® store

We also included the sustainability concept in making our store in Šmartno. The store furniture is made with carefully chosen and renewed old local cupboards and recycled antiques.

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