Natural tea candle made of canola wax

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100% natural tea candles ensure that we conjure up a magical atmosphere in the comfort of our own home without headaches

  • contains coconut and canola wax (canola wax)

  • vegan product

  • without dyes, lead and paraffin

  • scentless

  • burn time: 4 h

Natural canola wax tea candles (also known as rapeseed wax) are created carefully and by hand, from first-class natural ingredients, which are obtained in a sustainable and socially friendly way. Candles provide clean burning, without toxic gases.

Tea candles are unscented, so they are suitable for use in vaporizers for essential oils or for scented waxes.

Contents: 20 ml

*Each product is handmade according to a unique recipe developed by us, in small, always fresh batches. In doing so, we strive to be as sustainably oriented and socially responsible as possible.

Our promise:


Rape wax or rapeseed wax

It is vegan, 100% plant-based. It is suitable for repeated heating as it is tolerant to repeated dissolution because the ingredient does not spoil. It is considered the most eco-friendly choice when it comes to waxes because it has a low carbon footprint. It is GMO free.

Coconut wax

It is vegan, i.e. 100% plant-based. It is suitable for repeatedly heating, as it is tolerant to repeated dissolution because the ingredient does not spoil. It is obtained from coconut oil through the hydrogenation process. It is GMO free. It is considered one of the most sustainable choices when it comes to waxes because it has a low carbon footprint. 



  • The packaging is fully recyclable.

  • All ingredients are obtained in a sustainable and socially responsible way. They are biodegradable and do not accumulate in the environment or aquatic organisms.


  • Place the tea light on a safe flat surface away from flammable objects.

  • Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

  • Always keep the candle lit only when you are nearby.

Why use Nona Luisa® products?

Sustainable ingredients. Traditional recipes. The latest scientific findings.

We believe that everyone can show their beauty with the help of nature's precious power, and without using harmful chemicals that present a risk for our health and pollute our Mother Earth.

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I am very satisfied with the ordered products, it breathes great, it is natural, ... to my taste. 😉😊


Excellent natural products and a friendly attitude. I am very happy with the hard hair soaps, I also like the ointment with lavender which smells divine. I recommend 👌


Thank you very much for everything sent, the package is already special, wonderful, but when you open it, it smells of lavender, marigold. And you also get gifts, really from the bottom of my heart thank you very much for everything, I will be happy to use. Your products are special, wonderful, made with love, for pure 10tko, congratulations! When it is possible or. I will need to order from you for sure.


I received your products, lavender butter and lip balm. I report that the products are phenomenal. Lavender butter takes the body to complete pampering. The butter is soft and glides on the skin, and the feeling of lavender freshness, tenderness and scent lasts for hours and hours ... as if resting on clouds. The lip balm is equally unique, without a strong and disturbing scent, soft and pleasant feeling that calls for a kiss :) I warmly recommend it to all who are looking for only the best natural products with energy of heart and soul and a beautiful mission!