How to Reduce Cellulite Naturally?

It's definitely possible! Check it out! 🔥

Many women, well mostly women, struggle with cellulite and its painful hardenings. I’m guessing you're not one of the lucky ones who don't even understand what is meant with the word "cellulite"? Me and my friend, Anja Suska, a successful Slovenian YouTube food vlogger and health specialist, would like to share our discoveries on this topic and hopefully help you out. Today, we’ll show you how to reduce cellulite naturally by spilling the tea ☕ about this menace. 

With our help, a combo of all natural 🌱, you’ll discover how to reduce cellulite naturally in combination with a healthy lifestyle and natural cosmetics from Nona Luisa. Let’s go!

There’s in fact 90% of women over the age of 20 who already know what this beast is all about. All these people, it doesn’t matter if they're athletes, models, tall, petit, thin or not, struggle with this ugly problem.

 What even is cellulite?

Cellulite is a change in dermis structure. Our eyes see it as orange peel skin. 🍊

Our skin has many layers:

  • epidermis, the upper layer,
  • dermis, the layer under the upper layer,
  • subdermis – that’s where cellulite forms,
  • and finally, muscle tissue.

As you probably just found out, cellulite forms in the subdermis, where the fat cells are connected with collagen fibres (the red🟥, vertical ones). Women’s collagen fibres are oriented vertically, that’s why a woman’s skin can be so elastic during pregnancy. 🤰 Unfortunately, the orientation of collagen fibres is also the reason for changes in structure that make our skin look like an orange peel. Men’s collagen fibres are oriented diagonally that’s why their skin doesn’t look like an orange peel. 😒

There are many stages in cellulite formation. In the first stage, the structural changes in the subdermis aren’t visible to the naked eye. 👀 In the last stage, the skin is severely wrinkled and can also have hardenings, that are painful when you touch them.

Cellulite is considered an aesthetic issue and not an illness. Once the structure in the subdermis collapses, liquids and toxins start to accumulate between cells and the blood circulation loses its function. That’s the reason why cellulite can be the cause for many issues and illnesses. And what’s most important, it’s a red code 🚨 for a change in our lifestyle.

How to reduce cellulite naturally without knowing how it's formed?

With difficulty. Let's first discover how cellulite forms, so you’ll understand what to avoid when we’ll get into how to reduce cellulite naturally.

It forms because of fluid retention. 💦 Fluid retention prevents the cells to normally receive nutrients and also to flush 🚿 “waste materials” out of the subdermis. This interlaces many long-term first grade and second grade cellulite causes.

First grade cellulite causes:

Genetic material, hormonal changes in the body (puberty, pregnancy, menopause) and some illnesses. We cannot control these causes even if they affect the physiological state of our skin.

Second grade cellulite causes:

Unhealthy lifestyle, excess weight, stress, inappropriate food, a sitting lifestyle, physical inactivity, shoes and clothing that are too tight, hormonal tablets, inappropriate body hydration, not enough sleep, smoking, consuming alcohol, inappropriate cosmetics (containing mineral oils and toxic ingredients that in addition to not letting skin breathe, they also affect it with toxins) etc.

Do something about it NOW:

Did you already start ticking the categories you fall into? If not, take a pen, pencil, something to write with and make a list of things that could cause cellulite.

Categories that cause cellulite in my case are: […]

How to reduce cellulite naturally and most important – effectively – with food and exercise?

There are usually many factors that form cellulite, that’s why many measures have to be taken into account to fight them all. We’ll show you how to take steps in the direction to naturally reduce it. Let us tell you something to consider. The older the cellulite is, the more difficult it is to reduce it. So make sure you start doing something from the list ASAP! 💥


Rule no. 1: Lose stressing over food. 🧖‍♀

Here we mean, obsessively stepping on the scale, counting calories, macronutrients, and the feeling of guilt after eating. That will keep you in the vicious circle of diets and negative results!

Rule no. 2: Simply eat healthy food daily. 🥗

That also includes a scoop of ice cream on Sundays and a glass of wine of Fridays. Find simple and delicious recipes that work.

Rule no. 3: Remove some other unhealthy foods from your diet.  ❌🍟

Level 1: remove simple sugars, processed foods and trans fats from your diet. Sugars can be found in sweets and in other foods with high sugar levels: juices, large fruit quantities, marmalades/jams, some yogurts, cereals, …).

Level 2: Remove white flour and baked goods. Fridge: remove all processed foods (hot dogs, pâtés, salamis, frozen meals, and fast food) and of course all fried food.

Level 3: Lower salt usage and avoid excessively salty foods.


  • Each meal includes 3 macro nutrients: carbohydrates, quality proteins and healthy fats.
  • The most important for the skin are proteins because they help in the collagen formation process and in the cell regeneration process.
  • When eating fruits, make sure you eat less sugary fruits, like raspberries, forrest berries, blueberries, ...) They're rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and toxic metabolites.
  • Pick fruits and vegetables that have larger amounts of vitamin C. It helps in the collagen formation process. Eat a lot of veggies that prevent water retention (asparagus, cucumber, celery, ...).
  • And lastly, drink at least 1,5 L – 2 L water daily in small quantities. If water is not your cup of tea, you can make some tea. But make it sugarless. Also, don't drink sweet drinks, sodas and alcohol.

Do something about it NOW:

Set a reminder to drink 2 dcl of liquid every hour.


There’s only 1 rule here, exercise! 😁 It doesn't matter how; it only matters that you move your body. It's best if you set up a routine to combine aerobic (dancing, running, cycling) and anaerobic exercises (weightlifting, strength exercises, etc.).

Aerobic exercises 🏃‍♀ are good for getting enough oxygen to your body to create energy. This will make the cells release “waste materials” (carbon dioxide, lactic acid). Anaerobic exercises 🏋‍♀ are for boosting metabolism, as it slows down with age, to sculpt your body and maintain muscle mass. You will best reduce cellulite naturally by combining both types of exercises. Make sure you include all body muscles to prevent injuries. 💪

How to reduce cellulite naturally with cosmetics?

In combination with a healthy lifestyle, there is another sword 🗡 we must sharpen to fight the versatile cellulite. It’s called natural cosmetics. There are some products that I've crafted specifically for reducing cellulite. They also include taking time off for yourself, discovering maderotherapy and making your skin firm, smooth looking and glowing.

One example is the bundle that includes the Detox Sugar Cane Body Scrub and the Cellulite Cuvée Massage Oil. Do you want to know what's so special about these types of cosmetics and how to apply them using maderotherapy? What you need to look for in anti-cellulite cosmetics are ingredients they help your body in the detoxifying processes and in the fat cells modification. In the next blog post, you’ll learn about the ingredients that the anti-cellulite cosmetics should have and how to apply such cosmetics on your skin.

Now go to to the comment section below and tell us - have you ever tried doing something about it? How did it work out for you? Got any recommendations?

Got questions about the exercises? Contact us, we'd be happy to help you out!

From Nature with love,

Katjuša & Anja

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